DiMarnique's Miniature Poodles



Happy Birthday 🎁🎈🎂🎉🎊 to Miss Darlington 🎉🎂🎊

🎊🎊 2 yrs today May 11🎊🎂🎈🥳

Corey & his brother playing ball ⚽️ on mother’s bed 🛌 🐾�
Got a txt from Jazzy’s mom today telling me Jazzy just loves to run around outside!! 🐩😁🐾

CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎈🍾🎊 ‼️ Balthasar & his mommy Donna🐩 For working so hard for their training certificate!!! They are in star ⭐️ training getting ready for their CGC CERTIFICATION with AKC !!! You go Donna & Balthasar 🐩🎈🎈🎈
Marley just being Marley 🐾🐩🤩😍

Brown waiting patiently for his momma to come and take him for a walk🐾🐩😁
Otis & Ed on their daily walk with their dad stopping by to say hello to their standard poodle 🐩 friend Luis🐾🐾

A txt and pic of DaVinci....he is such a beautiful boy!!💙❤️�
What a PRETTY PENNY🐾🐩🎀😍Penny is just six months old and her mommy tells me she loves everyone ❤️

Happy Easter 🐰🐇🐣 from the 3 Easter Poodles 🐩 🐩🐩🐇🐰🐣 Jet, Cinder & Ripley 🐾😁
Sophia the little Easter 🐣 ✝️Angel 👼🏻

Jazzy still as beautiful as ever....her mommy tells me she is very SMART!😉🐾😁
Jazzy on her comfy blanket 🐾🐩😍

Miss Darlington’s morning with mommy💕

Maisie’s at it again🥰�.😁
Maisie went to the groomer today and came home with a Grateful Dead Bandanna 😁Around her neck😍She’s looking like a Rock Star 🌟 🎸🎼 & very pretty 🤩!!

Ruby & Lolo 🐾looking like twinsies 👯‍♀️ 🐾�
Balthasar at💜6 months old🐾 His momma says he’s doing wonderful at training class💙🐾Also says he loves everyone 🐾🐩🐾

Beautiful Maisie in a bed of lucky 🍀 Saint Patty’s Day clover 🍀 🍀💖🐾🐾🐾🍀

2 great pictures of Scarlet💝💞

Note from Scarlet’s Mom💝 Hi Mary. Hope all is well. Sending Scarlet update. She graduated from puppy obedience class last Saturday. Then on Wednesday had her first full grooming. She is such a little love and is enjoying some time in Florida with our family.

A great Saint Patty’s day wish from Marley & his humans🐾🍀😁
Maisie’s mom Yvonne sent me this nice txt with a picture 😍

Lulu in the airport with her mom on her way to Italy 🇮🇹.😁
Lulu visiting friends in Italy 🇮🇹 🐩🐾

Sophia is now 2 yrs old & doing great and her mommy assures me she is LOVED much!!🥰 XOXO
Lolo & Ruby BFF’s for sure❤️🐾😍

TC’s mom checking in letting me know TC is doing great 😊 she will be 10 years young in April 2022!!!!
Guapo trying to figure out how to get up over the wall?? His daddy tells me he....finally found the steps lol 🐾🐩

Finley’s first trip to petsmart😁🐾🐩
I received a very nice txt & compliment from Jasper’s family🥰

Update from Brenda, Jazzy’s momma 🐾 Saying she got a “Good Report Card” from her groomer🥰🎉good job Jazzy
Hans just got groomed & looking very pretty 🐾🐩🤩.... Now he is enjoying the fresh air & sunshine ☀️ after the ❄️ snowstorm ⛄️last week, & is patiently waiting for....🌷🌷springtime 🌷🌷

Myles...is his momma’s best Buddy💙💙
A cute pic & txt from Darlington’s mom😍

Maisie gets more gorgeous everyday 😍
A quick txt and sweet picture from DaVinci’s mom Rosa🐾🐩�🐾

Getting updates from Lisa Ellie’s mom...on Ellie and her Nose Work trials🥳 Congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊 Ellie & Lisa!

Lisa & Ellie showing off her 2nd nose work title 🥇🏆yay🎉🎉🎉Ellie & Lisa great team work🎉🎉🎊🥇🏆!!



Jasper is getting good remarks about him with everyone!!🤩🐾🐩that’s what I like to hear!!!


Finley looking quite cute on his couch 🛋
A txt from Scarlet’s mom Sharon🐩😊
Got a txt message from Penny’s mom letting me know she is dressed warm for this freezing 🥶 weather!!🥶🐩🐾

A collage of Finley 🐩in his new home 🏠
Pretty Penny....playing in her first snow ⛄️❄️⛄️ ❄️ ⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️

Maisie bringing in the New Year 🌟
Marley enjoying the first snowfall ❄️ Of “2022”❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Merry Christmas 🎁 “2021” & a very
Happy & Healthy New Year “2022”

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄from Simon 🐾 & A Happy New year 🎆🎊🎈 “2022”
Kay & Brown wishing us a...
...Happy New Year 🎊🎆🎈🥳”2022”

Got a txt from Beau's mom...Beau (one of my retired champions) taking a short 💤 snooze !
A message from Ashley....
Finley’s mom 😁

Txt from Jaya, Han’s mom, saying Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎅🏻
Roxie & her brothers
waiting for Santa🎅🏻

A note from Sharon (Scarlet’s Mom)🎅🏻🎄🎁🎄🎅🏻🎁🤶🏻🎁🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻🎁🎄🏻
Ruby & Lolo wishing us a Merry Christmas 🎅🏻🎄🎁”2021” & Happy New Year for “2022”🎁🎄💥

A message from Jazzy’s mom🎅🏻🎄🎁
A txt from Brown’s Mom🎁🎄🎅🏻💥

DaVinci posing for his Christmas🎄picture waiting for Santa🎅🏻
Myles dressing up like doggie Santa🎅🏻Getting ready to share the presents 🎁

Merry Christmas from
Cinder, Jett & Ripley 🐾

From TC🐾
From Maisie’s mom🎄🐾🐩

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 & Happy New Year 🎈🎆🎊 from Candice 🐾🐾
Rexi’s mom says he’s such a good sport when she dresses him up in ridiculous clothes!! LOL!! 😂 I think he looks adorable 🥰🐾🐩

Jasper getting groomed at Barks on Bay Grooming Salon in Highlands, NJ😁🐾 He’s behaving well😁👍🏻🐾
A txt from Maisie’s mom....momma’s obsession on taking pics 💖🐾😊🐩

Rio taking it easy!!🐾
Roxie all ready for Halloween 👻 🎃

Marley keeping on eye on his dad🐾🐩😊🥳🐾
Jasper M looking quite handsome 🐾

Miss Darlington says hello 👋😍🐩🐾
A txt from Myles Mommy Denise🐾🐩😊

Brown’s first Halloween 🎃 Party 👻
Hans 🐾🐩& his mom Jaya😊

Maisie’s always ready to pose pretty 🤩 to show off her beautiful hair cut

I wonder 💭 if Beau ever remembers his show career??🐾🐩🏆🥇
Arthur is 5 years old today! Happy Birthday Arthur! We love you!!
“October 11, 2021”🐾

Roxie loves car rides & goes everywhere with her brothers 😊!!
Roxie is the nighttime guardian 🐾🐩�💗

Guapo chasing a squirrel 🐿 up the tree 🌳

Marley saying...."Anyone want to play ball ⚽️ "🥳🐾
Arthur’s visit to the groomers 🐾💙 He looks beautiful 🤩

Happy 12th Birthday Demi 🎈🎉🎊🎁🎂 Her brother Cole is celebrating 🥳 with her!!🎁🎂🥳🐾
This is another bday picture of Demi after her mom groomed her…Not sure how 12 years went by so fast🥰🥳🐾”2021”

Bailey is tossing his learners permit 😁 And going for his Driver's License! 🐾🐩😁🥳Smiling pretty for his picture🐾
Jasper enjoying his momma’s bed 🛏 What a life😍

Juliette’s mom sent me a picture with a txt, too cute not to share 🥰
Jasper M’s family sent a txt update 🐾🥰

I received cute pix & update today from Kay....Brown’s momma 🐾

I think Brown is a snuggle buddy 🥰🐾🐩
I received a txt and a few pics from Bear’s daddy Mike 🙂
Got a cute photo & Txt from Jasper “M’s” family 😍🐾🐩Jasper looks quite relaxed 😌😴
Miss Darlington at her best😍🥰🐾

Ripley posing for his picture after he got groomed 🌸🐩🐾
I received a txt from Maisie’s mom Yvonne, saying it was four yrs ago today that they brought her home and started a new life together 🐾August 3, 2017

Maisie (then)

Maisie (now)

🥰 So that was then & now🐾😁 She certainly turned out to be a gorgeous dog...& not to mention a wonderful family member 🥰🐩🐾
Marta & Rio at it again in the obedience ring !!🏆 Saturday 7-31-2021 - scored a 194 with first place 🥇 & Sunday 8-1-2021 - scored a 195 first place 🥇and High in trial 🏆🎊🎊🎊🎊 Congratulations 🎊🎉 to them both...What team work🥳🥳🥳🎊🏆🥇

Hans before grooming and after grooming...his mom tells me they all are crazy about him at the groomers!! We love to hear that for sure!!!🎊🥰⭐️!

Happy Anniversary for Miss Darlington🌸...from when her mommy picked her up at my house & one year later...all grown up and beautiful 🤩 it’s been a wonderful year !😍🐩🐾🤩🌸

Got a txt from Brown’s mom....wishing us a Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸🎉🎈💥”2021”
Jet, Cinder & the new addition to the family Ripley🐾🐩 Sending Happy 4th of July 💥🇺🇸Wishes!
Hans....posing pretty🤩!! Looks like a beautiful 😍 statue!!!

Marley with his dad Jim😊
BFF’s for sure🥰
Corey’s mom 🎉 sent me a picture of him for his 4th birthday 🥳 🎂🎉🐾🐩

Aimee looks like she’s checking out the sights on the River 🚣‍♀️!!
Aimee’s mom tells me she just loves😍 boating 🛶 🐾🐩💗

Got a cute pic and txt from Marley’s mom😊looks like he’s the guardian over the property 🐩🐾
A Happy 2nd Birthday to Koda from her dad!!🥳 🎉

Ripley’s just taking it easy enjoying the afternoon sunshine ☀️
Marley checking out the new family member 🦜 I think 💭 he’s wondering 💭....Should I or shouldn’t I ??🤔🐾🐩🦜 His mom says he’s behaving well☺️😅

Pippin just got his groom on🐾🐩 Looks very pretty 🤩
A txt from Cinder and her mom to me🌹

Happy Birthday Winston🎊🎂🎁🎈🎉 1 year old today!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Happy 1st birthday 🥳 to Miss Darlington 🎉🥳🎉🎊🎁

Happy first Birthday 🥳 to Juliette 🎉🎁
Juliette just lounging on the couch 🛋

HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY TC 🎂🎊🎉🎈🎁 And many happy returns🎊🎊🎊😊🐾
A txt from Miss Darlington’s Mom🐾

Dog training “101” 🐾🐩😁

Newt saying Happy Easter 🐰🐣”2021”
Newt & his mom Carol sharing a typical morning together 🐾🐩☕️💜

Marley & one of his BFF’s Fritzie! Marley’s mom told me Fritzie is over 60 yrs old & still healthy😁🐾🐩
Beau sleeping the morning away💤
Beau just got his drivers license 🚙😁!!🌷

Marley’s Saint Patty’s Day portrait ☘️🍀
A txt from Koda’s dad!!🌸🌺🌷

Lisa & Ellie....WHAT A TEAM!!🏆🏆🏆
Ellie….💬(should I or shouldn’t )?😬💬

Happy 8 th birthday 🎉 🎂 🥳 Guapo!!
Guapo taking a rest after he was done his reading lesson 📚!!!😁

Kai 1 yr old and doing Great 🐩🐾”2021”
Marley reading emails together, with his dad, taking time to pose pretty for a picture.🐾
Miss Darlington showing off her beautiful grooming 😍🐾🥰
Miss Darlington’s mom sent me a txt this morning 😍🥰💬

I want to give a big shout out to Bernadette & Bailey for their AKC Canine Good Citizen title!!🎉🎉We r so very Proud of both of them🎉 CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎉🍾🎈”2021”
Received txt from Jasper’s mom telling me Hello 👋 & to say how he is loving the snow ⛄️ ❄️

Cinder & Jett wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to all💝💖”2021”
From Brown’s Mom🥰💝

Jasper M & His big sister Libby are definitely BFF’s!!!! 🥰❤️💝💖💙 True Love ❤️ at its finest ❤️💜💙💚😁
Beau snuggling with his favorite🐆cheetah Stuffed animal….his mom says he’s very gentle with this one!!!🐆

Beau says hello 👋🐩🐾😊
Roxie is waiting for her afternoon walk!
Happy Third Birthday 🎉  🎂 Hans!
“1-25-2021” 🎂🎊🎉🎈🎁 🥰

Rexi getting ready to open Christmas presents 🎁 “2020”


An update on Rexi 🐾🐩from his mom!!!

This is TC relaxing on her couch 🛋 Funny thing is….I got this picture one day and the nxt day I got a picture from Maisie’s mom with almost the same pose. I guess you might say…..LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER!! 😍


And now we have Maisie just taking it easy on a Saturday morning!!💤💤😴 Just like her momma TC!😴💤💤

Dave and Beau…🐾🐾 enjoying the outdoors 🐩🐾🐾🐾


Lolo says….it’s a New Year….let’s start it off right☀️🐾🐩Happy New Year “2021”🎉🎊🪅🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈

Rexi & his family bringing in the New Year 🎈❤️🎉🎊!!!


Got some New Years 🎉Cheer🎊🎉& a great picture from Eddie & Otis’s mom & dad...saying they couldn’t Love ❤️ them more!!! 🐾🐩”2021”🎉

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 from Koda & her BFF🐾


A Christmas 🎄 txt from Archer’s mom.

Sophia is dressed up for Santa 🎅🏻 to visit 🎁🎄🤶🏻❤️


Merry Christmas from Pumpkin 🎃 & his family🐩🐾🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻🎁


Christmas 🎄🎁🎅🏻greetings from Arthur🐾🎅🏻🐩🎄

Brown & his momma Kay wishing us a
Very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁


Little Sophia….is growing up to be a beautiful little girl🐾🐩💝her mommy tells me she’s just wonderful!!🐩💕🐾


Christmas 🎄🎁🎅🏻greetings from Winston🐾🎅🏻🐩🎄

Xmas txt from Miss Darlington’s mom


Miss Darlington’s Christmas 🎄 blanket‼️🎄❤️�

Christmas 🎄 picture from Monte & his family🎅🏻


Marley O saying Happy Holidays 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻

TC….waiting to get the Christmas 🎄 season started ⛄️❄️🎄#1 on her list was getting groomed today 🐩😁


Newt is wishing everyone a very
Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 His mom tells me he is a wonderful gentle companion ❤️🎄🐩🐾

Jasper….all tuckered out 💤after a full day of play💤😴His mom said he was ready for bed 🛌 🐾


Simon says 💭….I think I’ll stay inside and stay warm 🔥

Kodak’s thoughts 💭


A txt from Brown's mom💬

A txt from Miss Darlington’s mom 💬


Marley’s Birthday 🥳 photo!! 3 yrs old on November 22🎉🎈 Happy Birthday Marley 🎊🎉🎂🎈🎁

Hans looking so Handsome ❤️His groomer wants to use him in grooming competitions, however, I’m not sure his momma can part with him….for a weekend now & then❤️🐾🤷‍♀️


Jasper M & his mom relaxing on the couch 🛋

Happy 11th Birthday Beau🎊🎉🎂


Pippin - What a handsome boy!!🐾🐩💙 His mommy….does all the grooming !!! I must say “What a good job Marta”🐾🐩

Pumpkin 🎃 & Ashley dressing up for Halloween pictures 🎃🐾👻


Winston saying hello and Happy Halloween 👻 🎃 “2020”



Bijou 🐾



Rufus & Bijou just hanging out together!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Pumpkin 🎃 is very proud of his sister. She Just made her First Holy Communion👼🏻😇🙏🏻


Best friends for sure🥰🐾🐩

Juliette’s color fits right in with the fall festivities 🍂🍁🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂


Miss Darlington showing off her Halloween 🎃 costume🎃🐾👻

Got a cute Labor Day picture of Bear, one of my Romeo & Autumn 🍂 puppies🐾


Koda cooling off by the river in NYC 😊🐾

Update on Miss Darlington 💗🐾🐩


Cinder and her dad (human dad that is 😉) take a boat 🚣‍♀️ ride….her momma tells me she just 💗 loves it!!!🥰

Pumpkin 🎃 & his sister (human style) celebrating 🥳 a year together🥳💗🐩🐾


I received this morning…so cute 🥰 Thought I’d share🐾🐩

Curly’s mom sent a picture of him just groomed for his first grooming from his new groomer 🐾Quite a handsome boy!!🐾🐩🥰


Monte’s mom sharing his picture…saying he is due for a grooming and says she will send the after picture later🐾🥰 We think he is cute both before and after😉🐾🐩🥳🥳🥰🐾🐩💗

Winston all tired out !! He got his First big boy hair cut today 🐾🐩


Got a few pics & txts from Winston’s mom telling me he’s doing great!!🐩🐾

Winston & his pink and white poodle 🐩 girlfriend 💗🐩🐾


Winston playing hide and seek!

A txt from Juliette’s mom


Txt update from Juliette’s mom🐾🐩😊😘

Look 👀 how cute Jasper is!!!!🙏🏻🐩😍


Luna & her Dinosaur 🦖 🦕 😁🐾


Txt from Guapo’s dad🐾🐩😊😘

Monte’s mom sharing a picture with me…Telling me how pretty he is!!🐾🐩😍 And I definitely agree😍🐾🐩😉


Newt’s mom Carol sent me a picture to say Happy Birthday 🎂🎊🎉🎈🎁 to Newt🐾🐩😊 She said he is a great dog & EVERYBODY loves him😁🥰😍

From Brown's Momma...
Celebrating his first year!
This is Jasper M. (Rosie & Merlot puppy) His momma & papa are so happy with him...they say he’s keeping them young😊


Jasper giving his momma lots of kisses 😘😍🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

I think Jasper is watching the flowers 🌺 🌸 grow !!!


A txt from Jasper’s family 🐾🐩😊😍

Jasper M just laying down taking it easy 🐾


Got a cute picture & txt from Cinders mommy😊


Pumpkin 🎃 & his human sister
Celebrating 🥳 the 4th of July 2020🎊

Monte leaving my home with his new mommy❤️ 🐩MaryAn😊


Within 1 week Monte was learning his basic obedience commands 🐾🐩😍

Monte’s mom sent a txt and pic of Monte in his big boy hair cut 🐩❤️🐾
Bailey lives to play golf & also loves yoga 🧘♀️ his mom says he’s so Zen🧘‍♀️🐾🐩

Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎉🎈🎂 To Simon!!!!! Was A Mother’s Day celebration 🎉 🥳 🎉 🎁


Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎊🎁 to Marley S.

Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎊🎈🎁 to Jasper!! He is dressed for his birthday 🎂 🎉


Jasper's Super hero 🦸‍♀️ get up! Thor!!

Marley…..🐾🐩who’s watching who🐦!


Aimee’s first bike 🚲 ride 🐾💜🐩🚲

Marley FaceTiming with his cousin Dylan🐾🐩😁


A txt from Beau’s mom 😊

Ellie got her ORT certificate for doing scent work😁 Congratulations To Ellie & her human family !!!!So proud of them🍾🎉🎊🐾


Ellie dressed for Saint Patty’s Day🍀☘️

Ellie enjoys Swimming in Lake Michigan!


Lulu posing under the peony🌺🐩🐾

Marley says….it’s 2020…..& SPRING HAS SPRUNG🌷🌺🌸🌷💐


Marley playing with his squeaky toy🐾

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🍀☘️From Pumpkin 🎃 & his sister 🍀☘️🍀☘️🍀

Maisie’s afternoon watch🐾🥰💐


Bailey looking quite handsome 🐾🐩🐾

Here is Brown & his pretend brother🐾 They get along very well!!! Lol 😂


Brown showing off his beautiful Red Coat!

Roxie’s mom sent me a txt & picture of Roxie & her new best friend Lamb Chop!


Congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉 to Brown & his mom Kay for completing PETCO positive dog training 🎊 Good job to both 🐾🐩😊

A txt from Myles mommy Denise💕🐾🐩🐾


Got a txt from Sue telling me they r both so sweet & very good buddies!!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Corey & Avery🐾🐾“ Brotherly Love ❤️ “

Txt from Bailey’s mommy😊


Marley “S” & his momma just got their CGC certificate🏆💙🐾🐩 We are so proud of Marley & MaryAnn🐾🐩💙good job!🎉🎉🎉🏆🐩🐾 Great team work 🤗🏆🐩🐾


Txt & Picture from Brown’s mom🐾🐩

Oynx @ 5 yrs old 💙 His daddy gave me a very good report card on him💙🐾 & I was very happy to hear that!!!


Oynx with his human brother Troy 🐾

Got a pic & txt from Ghibli’s mom & dad saying how happy they are with him 💙


We love Ghibli. He’s so sweet, loving, amusing, athletic and intelligent. Everyone tells us how pretty he is. He loves our house on the Eastern Shore. In two weeks we are starting basic obedience training. Hoping to start agility training soon thereafter. He already jumps hurdles in our backyard. We could not be happier with Ghibli and want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy and making him available to us. Thanks, Abby & Jerry



Happy Valentine’s Day 😍from Marley😘


Cinder….all dressed up for Valentine’s Day ❤️🥰😍!

Maisie & One of her BFF’s sharing gold fish! Yummy 😋!!!
TC on the grooming table….Looks like she’s finished & looks beautiful 🥰💜🐾🐩


Simon’s mom Peggy sent me this cute Txt & picture….of Simon guarding the homestead 🏠😁🐾🐩

To my TC & Merlot litter
HAPPY 2nd Birthday 🎉🎊🎈 🎂 Luna, Hans & Beau🥰🎈🎉🎊🎁💗
Got this txt & picture from Luna’s mommy Amanda….sending Lots of Hugs & Birthday Wishes 🎈🎉🧁”2020”
Here is a pic and txt from Hans' mom Jaya!! Happy Birthday 🎉 Hans🎂🎈🥰🎂
Here is Beau & his Birthday 🎂 picture! His daddy says he told Beau he’s a big boy now, but he says Beau still thinks he’s a teenager😉🐩🐾🐾lively as ever!😁
Got a picture and txt from Cinder’s mom Gail💭

This is Lulu…her daddy sent me these pics & a txt…Says she’s the best girl ever! 🐾🐩🥰
Simon taking his afternoon nap 😴 💤


Cinder @ the dock


Cinder & Jet at the boat 🚣‍♀️ dock with their mom Gail🐾

What a sweet girl 🐾🐩 Koda in Brooklyn


TC 🐩chillin….😸🐩 with her bestie Bruce the cat 🐈 😍

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 “2019”
Avery & Corey’s mom wishing all Happy Holidays 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻 🕎 🎄🐾🐩🥳


Here is a txt and a cute picture of Jasper & Archer🐾🐩🎅🏻 Wishing us all a very Merry Christmas 🎅🏻🤶🏻🎁🎄 & a very Happy New Year 🎊🥳❤️“2020”

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 from Brown! His mom said he has been stealing all the ornaments off the Christmas tree 🎄 😂


Brown celebrating 🥳 Christmas 🎄 on his momma’s lap🐾 🎅🏻🎄”2020”
A Holiday Greeting from Rexi & his human family😍🥰🐾

Arthur’s mom sent me this picture before she gave him his Christmas present 🎁 and then the nxt one is him having a blast opening his Christmas gift 🎁 !!! I wonder if he had as much fun playing with his actual present??? Or more fun ripping it open 🎅🏻🎁😂!!
This is Beau (one of my retired champions) His mom sent me this picture saying he is all set for the winter ❄️ 🥶


Dave & Beau relaxing in the park…Beau is dressed up for Santa 🎅🏻 🎄🐾

Marley ‘S’ is posing pretty next to the Christmas tree 🎄 waiting patiently to open his Christmas presents 🎁 🎁🎅🏻🏻


Marley “S” visiting Santa 🎅🏻 I think he’d rather be somewhere else !!! lol 😂🎄🐾

Kobi snuggled up in his fluffy bed 🛌 waiting for Santa 🎅🏻 🎄🐾🐩🥰


Got a txt from Roxie’s mom Jean….Letting me know they were all dressed up & ready to go & visit the nursing homes🎅🏻 to make their Christmas 🎄 visit 🎅🏻🎄🥰

Alexander is staring at the closet door where he knows his mommy hid his Christmas 🎄 presents 🎁!🥰 He is waiting for Santa 🎅🏻 to hurry and come & put them under the Christmas tree 🎄🎁🥰🎄🎁🎄🎁🎁🎄🎁🎄🎅🏻


Myles wishing us a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 & a Happy Healthy New year🎊 Myles is 7 1/2 yrs old. His momma tells me he is always by her side 😍🐩🐾🎁🎄

Marley wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 & a healthy & Happy New Year 🎊


Maisie looks nice and comfy on her beautiful faux fur blanket🐾🐩


Bijou loves playing in the snow ❄️ His mom tells me he’s a little devil ! I bet she meant to say angel 😇!!😁🥰�

Marley just got his grooming for the holidays 🎄🐾”2019”


Simon lives in Maine with his momma Peggy….and here he is with the first snowfall ❄️⛄️Of the season❄️ I’m not even sure he can see? His mom assured me he had a blast 🐾🤗❄️⛄️


Got a txt from Rio’s mom Marta….telling me that RIO got his U.D. For AKC Utility Dog title🎊 yay!!!! So proud of both of them! What a challenge to conquer🎉🏆🥇🐾 YOU DID IT👍🏻🎊🎉🎈🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Jim and Marley watching TV 📺 together on the couch 🛋 How sweet🥰🥰🥰🥰


Ed & Ottis just lounging around together wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🦃”2019”

Koda posing like a statue on her afternoon walk😊🐾🐩


We are very proud to say congratulations 🍾🎊🎈🎉to Pumpkin 🎃🐾for completing his puppy kindergarten (2019) classes.🎉🍾🎉🎈🎊 His mommy said he is very smart & did extremely well🥰🐾

Lolo before getting her hair done before Thanksgiving 🦃🍽and then….Lolo….after with her new hairdo! I think her mommy did a great job🐾🐩🤗


Maisie’s mom sent a Happy Thanksgiving pic with her thanksgiving feather


Maisie sharing the steps with her 16 year old feline sister😻

Marley’s mom is at it again 😊sending a Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 Message with Marley’s beautiful face on it🐾😊🍁🦃

Got a txt and a few pix from Koda’s daddy saying she went to NYC & had a blast!🐾�


Rufus & Bijou relaxing on the couch 🛋!!

Here’s a txt message and a few pix from Rexi’s mom Kathy….letting me know today is his birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎊

Roxie Waters 🐩🐾visiting the patients @ the nursing home😊all dressed up in her Halloween 🎃 costume 👻 They truly look forward to her visits 🐾🐩

Marilyn had fun dressing up for Halloween 👻 🎃 with her 2 DIMARNIQUES Poodles 🐩 Rocco & Candice😍👻🐾🐩🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE 👻

Brown just got home from the groomers 😊She said he was a good boy 👍🏻😁 Now he is ready to go for his walk!!

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 to Jaya & Hans for getting their “CGC” (canine good citizen) title!!!! from AKC🐾🐩Good job 👏 to both !!!🎉🎉🎉🎉
Lucky & Baker visiting their sister Raquel at James Madison University in Virginia. Their daddy told me it was a 3 hour ride and they did great 👍🏻🐾🐩🥰🐾

This is from Lucky's daddy....

"Lucky has taken over control of my phone and my iPad. His attention span and intelligence is off the charts. He even knows to touch the screen on phones and iPads to make them work. He loves to watch dog videos, animal videos and cartoons."

Arthur says HELLO!!🐾


Happy 1st Birthday to Newt🎈on 9-9-19 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Here is "Brown" getting his health examine from his wonderful Holistic Vet🥰 Dr.Pema Choepel, in Germantown, MD. Brown’s mom Kay told me Dr. Pema absolutely loves “Brown”!!!!💖🐾& said he is off to a wonderful start🐾👍🏻

Deb & Scott holding their new baby Bijou, getting ready to go home to meet his k-9 brothers🐾🐾🐾🐾

Bijou in the yard with his mom Deb & 1 of his k-9 brothers “Rufus” (who is a DIMARNIQUES poodle)


Deb & Bijou enjoying the swimming pool!

Maisie just got groomed 💖 & Btw….we love the feather in her ear🥰 And her mommy tells me she left it in there for days!!!

Ghibli's daddy sent me this txt saying they were enjoying the football game😁🤣😂🐾


Pumpkin 🎃 in his new home with his sister (human style). His mom said they are starting a puppy class nxt week & says he is super smart!!
Pumpkin 🎃 & his sis getting ready for fall 🍂🍁


Kay & her new puppy “Brown”🐩🐾
getting ready to leave my home 🏠 to start their new journey together in Maryland 🐾FYI “Brown” is a red puppy out of Merlot & Autumn’s litter🐾🐩

Here we have a picture of “Brown” giving his mama lots of kisses 😘And a picture with him & his daddy🐾😊 They tell me he is the love of their life 💖 And smart as he can be😉🐾
Happy Birthday 🎁 to Archer! His mom sent this txt saying how much they love ❤️ him and wishing him Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎁🎂🎊


Here is Bailey playing in his new home with his toys 🧸 His mom says he is doing quite well🐾🐩

Koda (Merlot x Autumn puppy girl) with her new family🐾💖getting ready for a trip home to Brooklyn, NY


Luna’s mom says “ It’s time for a grooming😉🐾🐩 What a sweet little girl 🥰

Aimee’s mom Robin sent me a few pics of Aimee….to lmk how she was doing & to show me how pretty she is…🎀💖 Aimee’s color is a silver beige & gorgeous to say the least 🥰🐾🐩 “2019”🎉

Just got a txt from Jasper’s mom🐩🐾😁 I’d say...It looks like it’s gonna be a fun camping trip😊🐾🐩
Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 to Jaya & Hans for getting their “CGC” (canine good citizen) title!!!! from AKC🐾🐩Good job 👏 to both !!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

Got a txt and a few pictures from Lulu’s daddy 💬letting me know 💬 she was on a plane to go to a tennis 🎾 tournament with the family from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles for 5 hours, and she was so good you wouldn’t even know she was there🐾

Here she is on the couch 🛋 in a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills🐾🐩🥰 Lulu is such great dog.... 🥰🐩🐾 so well behaved 💕�
A txt and picture from Jasper’s mom!🐾😊🐩😊🐩😊🐩😊🐩😊🐩😊🐩😊

Got a txt & picture from Sammy’s mom❤️🐩🐾

Luna just got home from getting groomed🥰 I think she looks beautiful 🥰😍🐾

Newt's mom just sent me a pic of his new haircut ❤️🐩🐾 I think he is absolutely gorgeous ❤️🐩🐾☺️🥰
Corey sends Happy 4th of July 💥✨💥 Wishes to all💥✨💥✨💥✨💥✨💫

Marley “O” is posing in the park with the city of Chicago background 🌃 What a handsome guy❤️🥰🐾

Simon is enjoying his pool…just as his brother, Marley, is.🐾I guess they think alike 😂 They both are out of the same litter, Rosie x Merlot 🥰🐾😍are the mommy & daddy🐾😍

Marley “S” just loves playing in his pool !!

Alexander’s mom Hilary….sent me a bday txt of her 8 year old baby🐾 They live in Manhattan, NY City 🌃 And he is playing in Central Park⛲️ He is having a blast 💥🐾❤️

Hans is @ obedience class and he is practicing a sit and stay☺️ His mommy tells me he is a very smart little boy🥰😍🐩🐾

Here is Hans @ obedience class in a Down & Stay🐾🐩

This is Beau (one of my retired champions) living the good life being spoiled by his mom & dad❤️🥰🐾 This is certainly showing how retired show/stud dogs can make wonderful family members❤️🥰😊🐩🐾
Luke is playing with one of his best buddies 🥰🐾Sparky🐾🐩�

Sparky loves to cuddle with Daniel 😍

Last but not least….Sparky actually has K-9 bff’s too….this is his k-9 girlfriend Sophie🐾🐩

Ellie Andersen laying in the grass waiting for her mom to get done weeding the garden.

Marley "O" & his dad Jim overlooking Lake Michigan 🐾 Looks like they are best buddies 🐾🐩

Happy 2nd Birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎉🎊 Ellie Anderson 🐾🐩🥰🤗

Ellie Andersen and her sisters human style🥰

Beau (the black poodle) is having a blast at the dog park with his dad “Dave” & a few of his K-9 buddies 🐾🐾🐾🐾 Looks like fun!!!😁

Beau at the dog park….looks like he is tired after playing ball ⚽️

Happy Birthday 🎈 Simon🎁🎂❤️🎉 He turned a year on 5/10/19

Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎉🎈🎊 to Marley “S”

Today (5-16-19) is Bakers 9th bday🥰 Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 Baker😍Collage from puppyhood til now!!

Happy first Birthday 🎂 to Jasper 🥰. His mom sent this collage of pictures for his first year!!🎂🎊🎉

Happy 10th Birthday 🎂 Lucky 🎉🎁🎊🎂 Which was on 1-27-19🎈 Collage pix from puppyhood until now🎁 Happy Birthday 🎂Lucky & many happy returns!!!

Got a txt from Simon’s mom….Saying he was recovering from getting neutered😖ouch!!! However, she also said that he was the favorite pup @ the vets office😁 Get well soon Simon🐾🐩☺️

Maisie's mom sent me this pic of Maisie with this caption 💖💕 I thought it was so sweet….I thought I’d share it💖🥰

Maisie’s mom says she is quite the newsy busybody 😂🥰💖

I just received an email from someone who got a standard poodle puppy from me 13 1/2 years ago. I’m sorry to say they recently lost him😢 His name is Sam🐾🐩💖 His mom sent some pictures of him to show me the great life he had! & this is message that went with this pic. I thought it was so sweet!! and how handsome he looks 🐩🐾

From Sam‘s mom...

He wasn’t just the best boy and best friend, he was best man for my husband when we married in 2007.



I just got a txt messsge from Daisy May’s
Mom….saying today “April 25, 2019” she got a CGC (canine good citizen) certificate ‼️🏆🎊🎊 So a big congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉 To Daisy May & Carol 🎊🎊🎉🎉 Good Job girls!!!!

Newt’s mom says he is doing great and everyone loves him❤️🐾

Simon says….Hi 👋‼️

This is Wolfie and his veterinarian 🐾😌 His mom tells me….every time Wolfie goes to the vet….everyone makes a big fuss over him ❤️‼️

Archer & Jasper just got back from a mini vacation together…I hear they had a great time😊

Daniel and Sparky having a moment✨ How sweet is that✨✨

Sparky was on hiking again with his family and stopped to pose for a 🐾picture 🐾‼️

Aimee Rose 🌹 loves sitting on her window perch💕”2019”

This is Lucy’s Easter 🐣 picture 💕 What a beautiful little girl 💖

🐣🐇🐰 🐣
Marley “O” and his mom & dad sending Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐰 pictures🐾

Sparky was hiking with his family yesterday…they went on a 4 mile hike & his mommy said he did great 👍🏻 and was happy to greet all the people and their dogs on the way🐾🥰 Looks like fun ☺️

Jasper’s mom Ashley sent this txt this morning 🐣🐰🐇🐾🐩 Looks like he had his own little tent ⛺️

Georgie’s taking it all in at the park 🌸 His daddy sent me a message saying he is the smartest dog they ever had😊❤️🐾🐩

Arthur’s mom sent this picture of him just reaching out to say Hello 👋 Arthur is 2 1/2 yrs old & his mom is very happy with him🐩🐾😊

Luna’s mom Amanda sent this🤗 4/1/19

Lincoln’s mom Michelle sent this pic of Lincoln after he got groomed!! What a face 💙🥰🐾🐩sweet!!!!🥰

Congratulations 🎉 to Marley “S” & his mom…MaryAnn…👍🏻 For completing The Star 🌟 Puppy certification 🌟🌟🌟 Yay!!!🎉🐾🐩🐾!!!🎉🎉good job to both of you🐾🌟😊

Simon lives in Maine with his mom Peggy. He loves to play in the snow ❄️, His mom not so much 😂❄️❄️❄️🐾 She has to give him a warm bath 🛀 After he comes in covered in ❄️ snowballs ❄️❄️❄️🐾🤣😂❄️

Look at Otis flying through the air at the dog park in Washington, DC…I’d say he is having a blast 🐾🐩😁

This is from Otis’s mom, Cathy😊

Cinder enjoying the sights as she is riding in the boat.

Jalen and Maisie are good buddies 🐾 He is giving Maisie a treat & u can see how gentle she is with him🥰

TC on her morning walk with her mom Melissa 🐾 ”2019”

Roxie Waters is saying Happy St.Patty’s Day to all 🍀

Happy 6th birthday 🎂 to Lincoln!!

From Lincoln’s mom Michelle :)

Happy St. Patty’s “Day 2019” from Marley “O” & his Mom & Dad 🍀☘️🐾
Here’s Marley “O” gearing up for St. Patty’s Day🍀☘️”2019”

Hans is posing for a picture after he got his grooming today🐾💙

Lucky (10) & Baker (9) relaxing together on the couch 🛋. Their daddy tells me they are doing great!!👍🏻🐾🐩

A txt message from Wolfie’s mom!🐾🐩

Marley O’s mom sent me a beautiful Valentines picture of Marley ❤️ ”2019”

Cory saying hello!!

Beau….who was retired a few yrs after finishing his championship & was a wonderful sire for my generations coming down from him….🐾🐩💙 He is certainly loving his retirement & is definitely enjoying being an only child. His Mom & Dad adore 🥰 him!!🐾 & send me regular pics & updates almost weekly 💙 Thank you guys for taking such good care of Beau in his retirement years!!🐾

Archer & Jasper “2019” The Brothers meet again 🐾💙🐾

On 12/29/18….TC was retired and went to live with her new mom & start a new life as an only child to be spoiled rotten & spend every waking moment with Melissa ❤️‼️oh…I forgot she does share the house with two kitties 🐈 Melissa says TC is the love of her life ❤️❤️❤️🐾❤️❤️

TC went for her grooming for the first time since leaving my home….& the groomer said she was full of Hugs 🤗 & Kisses 😘 xo 

 I think her new groomer did a great job on her 👍🏻she looks GORGEOUS ‼️❤️

Cinder 4 yrs old & Jet 8 yrs old with their mom (human style) on their trip to the bay. Their mom tells me their life revolves around the dogs 🐾
Beau turned a year old on 1/25/19 & now it’s time to get neutered😳

Beau and his dad Dave waiting at the vets office for Beau to get neutered.

Beau looking a bit forlorn after his neuter!! However his daddy says he’s doing well & ready to move on!!

Candice was retired a few yrs ago and is living her retirement with another DIMARNIQUES Poodle “Rocco” & her mom Marilyn @ the beach in Lewis, DE. She gets to run on the beach 🏖 every day, sometimes twice a day!!! What a life!💕🐩💜🐾

Rocco posing in the sand @ the beach 🏖 in Lewis,DE🐾

Lolo just loves being the Queen 👑 in her new home 🏠 Her mom says she fits in just perfect💜🐾🐩💜�🎊

Marley “S” saying Hello 👋🏻 �

Today, 1/25/19, Luna turned 1. So Happy Birthday 🎈🎉🎂 To Luna and her litter mates Ellie, Hans, & Beau🐾🐩💕🎊

My Ellie is wishing her littermates Luna, Hans, & Beau a happy 1st bday!🎊on
“1-25-19”. They are TC & Merlot babies & they are the sweetest most fun loving puppies ever 🐾🤗

Hans modeling his new winter coat 🧥


Another beautiful pic of Marley “O” !!🐾🐩

Journey’s mom says he is doing well in his new home & I must add he looks beautiful 💜

Merry Christmas from the Anderson’s “2018”🎄
Midnight (7), Lincoln (5) & their rescued brother George🐾

Demi & Cole posing with their Mom Debbie & Dad Chet for Christmas 🎄 pictures 🎁 And I’m wondering who’s on the naughty list and who’s on the nice list 🎁🎄🐾😁

Marley “O” posing in front of his 🔥 fireplace 🔥 another beautiful Christmas picture 🎁 Looking quite regal❤️🐾🎄

Archer sharing Christmas Joy with us, wearing his Santa 🎅🏻 hat🎄🎁🐾🐩

Jasper wearing his Santa 🎅🏻 hat and his candy cane Saying….Merry Christmas 🎄 To all!!!!🎁🎄🐾🐩& a Happy New Year 🎊

Txt from Otis & Eddie’s mom & dad as they are spending time in Florida for the holidays 🎄 2018

Sparky’s family was trying so hard to get a good Christmas 🎄 picture all together…But Sparky couldn’t stop the puppy kisses 😘 for us to see his face😍😂 Love the picture anyway🥰

Merry Christmas 🎄
🎁 From Daisy May🐾🐩🎄2018

Marley all decked out for Christmas 🎄 with his Christmas bow tie on 🎄

Noah is sending Christmas cheer 🎁🎄& his mommy’s note to me is….”Noah is doing very well & he is 4 years old now🐾 When they walk him people always stop them to say how beautiful he is”🐾

Wolfie sending Christmas wishes🎄🎁🐾🐩

Rufus getting ready to open his Christmas presents 🎁 

Bailey & his daddy sending Christmas 🎄 wishes🎁”2018”

Looks like Bailey is checking his Christmas stocking for more treats🐾😂☺️🤣

Alexander looking at his Christmas 🎄🎁stockings hoping there are lots of treats in there for him😋🐾

Sammy is now 6 1/2 yrs old🐾And so very devoted to his momma 🐾she says they walk about 2 miles everyday 🐾He helps her stay fit 😊 She also stated, she is very glad the puppy stage is over lol 😂 & we all know how that feels😅
A Christmas note from Maisie’s Mom🎄🎁

Clara & Maisie waiting for Santa 🎅🏻 

Patrick’s dad sent me a picture of Patrick on Santa’s 🎅🏻lap….with a nice email, saying that he is STILL as happy with Patrick, as the day he brought him home 🏠 🐾😊 Patrick will be 9 yrs old in “March 2019”

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 & Happy Hanukkah 🕎 to all!! From Corey & his mom🐾💜🎁

Sparky & his daddy on their morning walk🐾
  Archer is a Mona & Merlot baby & Jasper is a Rosie & Merlot Baby 🐾💜🐩 How cute r they💜😊🐩

Archer is enjoying all his new toys and especially his new bed 😉

This is Archer on the left & his half brother Jasper on the right 😉
Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 & Happy Holidays from Marley O & his Mom & Dad🎄

Newt is making himself comfortable in his new bed 😉

He definitely likes his bed…he is snoozing 💤 I almost can hear him snore😉


Lucy & her mom getting use to snow ❄️ Lucy is a Merlot & Mona baby 🐾

Sparky with his mom & dad getting ready to leave my house to go to home to Rockville, MD. He certainly looks comfy in his crate on the way home 🏠😊🐩🐾

Daisy May says Happy Holidays!!!🎁🎄”2018”

Happy birthday 🎊🎁🎂🎉 Beau!!! Beau turned 9 yrs old on 11-24-18🎁

Eddie is posing on a bench with the bronze children 🐾 Looks like he is part of the art display 🐾 Eddie turned 9 years old in “September 2018”

Cathy & Ottis getting ready to leave my house 🏠 to go home to Washington, DC to meet his new older brother Eddie who is 9 yrs old🐾 This is the third DIMARNIQUES Poodle that Cathy & Dave got from me😊

This is Lucy Bell…7 yrs ago she went to live with Betty Anne & her mom, they have since moved to a retirement community. When Betty Ann lost her mom…She said she wouldn’t have made it with out Lucy Bell. She is the light of her life💕 Living in the retirement community...they visit the patients in the nursing home area & she says Lucy puts big smiles 😁on the faces of the people they visit! What a comfort she is to them🐾

Fred is really watching for the squirrels that come by to tease him…well, maybe they are just there to bury their nuts & play…It sure does entertain Fred😁

Fred’s mom told me he is going to get in trouble if he gets up on that chair 😉

Sophia & Lulu @ a tennis 🎾 match in California 💜

This is Fred…very excited to greet his momma 🐾👍🏻”2018”

Happy 7th Birthday to Roxie Waters 🎊🎉🎁October 9, 2018

From Hamilton's mom...

Carol & Daisy May completing Pre/novice obedience with flying colors!!🏆🎊🎉 Good job girls💜🐾🐩

Guapo playing with his baby blanket I gave him when he left here🐾🐩💜So sweet, that he still has it after all these yrs!🐾

Marley “S” looking very happy after his afternoon walk!🐾💜

Congratulations 🎉to Jaya & Hans 🐾🐩 for completing Beginners basic obedience course @ the Wilmington Kennel Club in Newark, DE.🐾🐩🏆”2018” 🎊🎉🏆🎉🎊🏆🎊🎉

Hans is very comfy on his 👑throne!👑oops I mean his Chair🐾🐩! And we know he is king 👑🐾👑🐩

Simon relaxing by the fire 🔥 

Simon is so tuckered out from his grooming today 😴�

Jim & Marley "O" in Chicago & check out the beautiful rainbow 🌈 in the background!

Marley "O" graduated from riding safely in a car crate…to a safety harness seat belt. His mom says “He seems to love it 😍”

Marley "O" is visiting Chicago again….his mom says he adjusts from the country life to the city life with ease😁🐾🐩

Marley "O" sitting on a park bench taking in all the city🌃sights!!🌃

Marley "O" still in Chicago sharing the couch with his cousin Dylan🐩🐾🐩 I’m guessing it’s bonding time!💜🐩🐾

Rexi is turning 3 in November “2018”. His mom, Kathy says he is the best & still acts like a puppy🐾

From Rexi‘s mom

Marley “S” 🐾 showing off his mama’s grooming job:) I think she did a great job...bc we all know how bouncy a puppy can be, when trying to groom them 😆 Good job 👍🏻 mom!!!

From Maisie ‘s mom💕

From Demi’s mom...

Demi will be 9 yrs in September “2018”, she was spayed & retired almost 5 yrs ago, and living a wonderful life with her mom Debbie & dad Chet & of course her half brother Cole🐾🐩

Cole is six years old and looking good 😊🐾 taking over the armchair.

From Cole’s mom...

Marley "O"s dad Jim does all the grooming on Marley & what a gorgeous job he does 💜🐾🐩

From Marley "O"s mom Ronnie...
Just an update ~ after grooming ~
we are partial but we think he is beautiful.

Marley “S”s mom says he doing great & that they are very happy with him 🐩🐾 He is a beautiful & sweet puppy 🐾 & his mom says everyone loves him 💜💜💜😍

Marley “S” following his mama’s foot steps…I have the same pic of his mother "Rosie" helping me with dishes on my photos page🐾 Like mother like son 🐩🐾😉
Beau Dagney sitting patiently waiting for the vet to come in!

From Beau's daddy...


Marley “S” leaving my house with his new daddy....And I’m getting a good report card on him!!😊🐾🐩👍🏻

From Marley “S”s mom...

Jasper relaxing on the couch 🐩

Jasper’s mom has a stained glass window & @ a certain time of day he turns Into a rainbow 🌈🐾🐩😊

Daisy May & her mom Carol at obedience class 🐾Carol says she’s doing very well!!😊🐾🐩

Carol & Daisy May Lesson #3

This is Ellie Anderson and her sister (human style) @ Lake Michigan “2018”....Certainly having fun !!!

Hans and his mom Jaya are enjoying their second day at obedience class @ The “Wilmington Kennel Club”. I bet he is the star ⭐️ pupil 🐾

Hans getting groomed @ Sarah’s grooming salon in Landenberg, PA

From Rio's mom...

A big congrats 🎊🎈🎉 to Marta and Rio💜

Congrats 🎈🎊🎉 to Marta & Pippin for a job well done!!
From Pippin's mom...

Pippin got his “AKC Rally Novice Title” today 7-27-18

Luna having fun at the beach in NJ

Luna playing bocce ⚽️ ball in the sand

Ashley & Mike getting ready to take Jasper to his new home in Maryland.🐾🐩😊💜

Jasper definitely feeling comfy in his new home 🏠

Simon meets his new mama Peggy and prepares for a long ride home to Maine!🐾🐩

Simon went home last week with his new mommy Peggy. And he has quickly fit in and is now best buddies with Gabby!🐾💜

Gia @ 8 years old 🐾💜🐩 She was retired @ 4 yrs old & happily went to live with Rosemary, and now she is almost 8 years old & still acts like a puppy. Rosemary said she is the love of their life💜🐾

Roxie Waters getting patriotic for 4th of July 🇺🇸💥🐾🐩2018

Fred getting his
✂️✂️ “summer hair cut” ✂️✂️

Marley "O" posing next to the the flower 🌸 garden🌸🌸& both beautiful….Marley & the flower 🌺 garden🌸💕🌸

Dave and Beau taking a stroll
in the park.

Beau is a TC x Merlot puppy
And what a sweet boy!🐾🐩

Hans is a TC & Merlot baby….he is quite handsome if I must say so myself🐾☺️

Hans decided to help his mom with the dishes!🍴🥄🍽

Luna & her mommy Amanda posing for a picture before she leaves my home to start a new life with Amanda🐾🐩

Luna just sitting patiently in a chair at the vets office! 🐾

Marley "O" & his dad Jim at their 3rd obedience class….at the Salisbury Kennel Club facility. They say he is doing great considering he is a social butterfly 🐾🐩

From Maisie's mom Yvonne:
A Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 🎊 to Maisie & her litter mates…Journey, Corey & Ellie 🐾

From Corey’s mom😉
Corey wishing his brother & sisters a Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 “June 2018”

Here is Ellie’s Happy 1st Birthday pic🎂🎈🎉🎊…along with her litter mates Maisie, Journey & Corey💜

From Journey….Happy First Birthday 🎂 to my Brother Corey🐾 & my two sisters 🐾🐾Maisie & Ellie🎂💜 “June 2018”
A note 📝 from Maisie’s Mom:

Ellie & her sisters…(human style)…posing for a pic of her completion and graduation 🎓 of her second round of obedience classes 🎓 Good job Ellie👍🏻😊🐾🎓

Ellie sitting with her brother Pepper (toy poodle)….Sporting their VA Tech Tee shirts !!!📣

Guapo @ 5 yrs old…”2018”
Telling his daddy that he absolutely doesn’t want to go for a walk in the rain ☔️ 

From Maisie‘s mom...


Maisie’s mom Yvonne working with her at training class 🐾


Daisy May “2018”
From Daisy May's mom...


From Marley "O"s mom...
Last walk in Chicago - Home tomorrow - next adventure, puppy obedience.  


Jim & Marley posing for a picture on the streets of Chicago…and Marley is taking it all in stride🐾🐩😁”2018”

Marley & his mom & dad had a long stay in Chicago...but they are now ready to return to DE to the tranquil life…far cry from the big city 🌃 

Wolfie 5 1/2 yrs old and still gorgeous 💙🐾🐩 He is one of my Anna’s puppies from her silver litter 🐩🐾💕 His mom Janice brags…He is the smartest dog ever!!! & adds maybe because he is a poodle 🐩 🐾💙💙🐾🐩

From Aimee’s mom Robin…
Miss Aimee surveying the squirrel and bird action under the bird feeder. Aimee has added a whole new dimension to our world.  It’s like having that first grandchild.

Avery & Corey posing for the picture after they got groomed!! 🐾🐩😍

Daisy May posing after her first professional grooming 💝💕🐾

Connie & Fred graduating from puppy class…now on to the next step 😁🐾🐩”2018”

Maisie wrapped in a warm blanket after a cold romp in the snow ❄️
Maisie posing as the Easter 🐣 Doggie 🐾🐩💕

Maisie celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Aimee as she prepares to leave my house with her new mommy…such a pretty face 💖

Aimee taking time out to pose for her pic 💕🐾💕🐩💕!🍀


Aimee playing ball ⚽️ at the park💕

Here is Fred…taking a nap 😴 in his crate 💤 His mommy says he is doing well 🐾🐩

Pippin wondering how he is going to do tomorrow at the show in NJ “3-11-18”, he is working on his second leg in Rally 🐾 Good luck 🍀 Pippin!!!!🍀

Daisy May & her mom just relaxing!:)

Marley O striking a pose!🐾🐩!🍀

Marley O’s mom says he such a sweet & fun loving puppy🐾

Maisie growing up and looking beautiful 🐾💕🙏🏻 “2018”

Bailey checking out the socks on the floor!!:)

Kobi turning 11 beginning of “March 2018”. He has certainly kept his beautiful brown color 🐾even in his old age:)

Roxie is ready for her Valentine nursing home visit ❤️❤️❤️

Hamilton deciding whether to go out in the snow ❄️ or stay in and stay warm🔥

Corey just got groomed…Just in time for the January Blizzard ⛄️❄️ “2018” And we all know what snow ❄️ does to a poodle coat!!! Snowballs❄️❄️yikes!!!

The Anderson’s say Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 “2017”

Ellie dressing up as one of Santa’s reindeer 🎄

Arthur is having fun with his new Christmas 🎄 toys!🎅🏻
The Balay family saying Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 “2017”

Merry Christmas from the Arbogast family 🐾”2017”

Hamilton’s day in the snow ⛄️ ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ 
His mommy say he just loves it!❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️”

Roxie then (2011)

Roxie Now!!
Merry Christmas 🎄 from Roxie 2017

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁and Happy New Year 🎊, From The Herman family, Bailey 🐾 Sarah & Mel 🎅🏻

Bailey and his Daddy wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 “2017”


Wolfie relaxing by the fire 🔥 
Jet & Cinder whispering to Santa 🎅🏻 what they want for Christmas 🎄 

Yvonne & Maisie working hard at obedience class!!! Looking good 😁

Buddies baking🍪🍪🍪
HAMILTON 🐩🐾2017  

Hamilton’s Halloween 👻 🎃 costume

Corey showing off his beautiful grooming ✂️ job!! Groomer added…💭 He was a doll to groom✂️❤️


Journey posing for a pic…at the show 11-11-17. What a pretty face. 🐾 Sending a wish✨ & luck 🍀 his way today:)

Left: Jojo & Maisie🐾 posing for a picture because she just got groomed ✂️….the groomer added 💬 she was very good & cooperative for the whole time she was there💕a pleasure to groom!'🐾

Below: Jojo loves to build things…and Maisie is by his side the whole time....”BFF's" ❤️for sure!!!!



Mac & his human family enjoying a bike ride in the park!🐾🐾🐾

Rufus striking a pose!!🐾!

Baker living the good life @ almost 8 yrs old🐾🐩
This is from his daddy Lance….

Happy 1st Birthday 🎉 Arthur!

From Arthur’s mom…
Arthur is the smartest poodle that I have ever had the pleasure of having as my four-legged child. Arthur is very special and we love him!!!🐾🐾🐾🐾


Maisie with her daddy…she just got her first professional grooming & the groomer told her mommy that she was the best puppy to groom...that she has had in a long time!!😍


This is a gorgeous picture of Lulu🐾🐩❤️just stunning!!!😉🐾 What a pretty girl 🐾❤️ She is a TC baby….all grown up!!

Lulu right after her grooming! Btw...the bows only lasted 10 minutes 🐩🐾😉


Clara & Maisie are definitely Best Friends🐾🐾

Corey trying to figure an easy way up on the bed😊🐾



Roxie Waters visiting the patients at the nursing home, and making them smile😊🐾 I want to give her mom a big shout out for taking the time to work with Roxie….& taking her to her fullest potential….😊🐾 The patients certainly appreciate their dedication❤️

TC babies are taking a new journey….to start their new lives….with new Moms & Dads!!😊🐾❤️

Meet Journey, he is meeting his brother Pippin for the first time! His mommy Marta will set his boundaries & teach him the ropes…and on to the obedience/rally ring they will go😬🐾 


Maisie meeting her new daddy and TC is throughly checking him out….I think it's a thumbs up 👍🏻 for sure... as she won't stop kissing him😍

Here is a pic of Maisie with her new sister Clara (k-9 style)…They are getting along good together💝

Here is Maisie…playing with her new toy

Maisie meeting her new cousin…(human style)🐾


This is Ellie meeting one of her new family members…and u can see TC is checking her out for sure…making sure she approves of her puppies new family 👍🏻👍🏻🐩And, of course she does 😉

Ellie and her mom Lisa 😍 Her mom tells me she is doing "GREAT!"😃

Ellie in her new home already taking over the toys 🐾🐩😁

Ellie decided to help her mom sort through the mail 📭💌

Meet Corey….enjoying his big new dog bed I think he is saying…."This is the life" 😁🐾🐩

Corey & Avery playing tug!!! Wonder who won the battle😁

Corey & his older brother Avery….taking an afternoon nap 😴 


Clover & her mom having fun with agility!! 🐾😊

Demi & Cole looking patriotic with their 4th of July scarfs on…🇺🇸🇺🇸waiting for the evening to come to watch for the fireworks💥💥🇺🇸💥 💥 


Bailey (Lolo & Gianni's singleton baby) with his dad...they are certainly best friends!!🐾🐩🐩

Bailey playing with his favorite toy!! 🐾🐩😊


This is Rubie from Brooklyn, posing after she got her grooming ✂️🚿🛁 Her mommy says they just love her…says everyone in the neighborhood is in love with her, too…she also says, she is like the neighborhood mascot🐾🐩

Rubie also enjoys just relaxing in her crate 🐾


ATG…sitting on his favorite chair 😊 BTW…His mama thinks he is the "BEST"!!! 👍🏻🐾


Sadie Nicholls….👀 looking good !!! @ almost 6 yrs old!!!! Her mommy just sent me 2 picture updates on Sadie, telling me how wonderful she is & she will be having her 6th birthday party coming soon in June 2017🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎉🎉 Early Happy Birthday Sadie🎈

Sadie sports a longer coat for the cold winters in Canada 🇨🇦 I must say….Sadie is holding her brown color very well!!


This is Bailey after his mommy gave him his bath and blow dry & getting ready to scissor him🛁✂️….what a fluffy boy!

And now…this is the "After" pic after Bailey’s mom groomed him!!!✂️✂️🛁 She did a wonderful job on him 🐾he looks gorgeous!!👍🏻


Bailey taken it easy after a hard day of playing!!


Zoe Lustig's mom just sent me this picture & update of Zoe….saying she is now 5 1/2 yrs old, & She is very loved ❤️ 🐾 & doing great!!!! "2017"


️Rio standing on the couch…Waiting for his mommy to groom him…he is in the transition stage…he is turning from black to blue…Can't wait to see 👀 the transformation 🐾🐩✂️

Rio, after his mommy groomed him…scissoring✂️ all that was left of his black hair…Now he is a beautiful BLUE💙Color…it took 3 years to change colors…for those of u who wonder what a blue color is, Well this is it!!!!💙beautiful 💙

Bailey sitting on his throne 👑
Lolo & Gianni's singleton puppy "Bailey" has a wonderful home in MD, with his new Mom & Dad. They are totally in love ❤️ with him💙🐾 & promise to keep sending me updates!! They tell me "he is training them well!🐾

Lucky just loves watching his favorite TV 📺 show!!

Lucky also thinks he is human!

Baker will be 7 in May (2017) and still looking quite handsome🐾😊

Lusi holding Rubie on a chili day in Brooklyn, NY 🌤

Rubie says…”lets play ball ⚾️"️

Rio & Pippin look like book 📚 ends 📚 on the back of the couch 🐾

Zellie & Rufus guarding the property🐾

Zellie & Rufus saying…"Ok...please let me in, it's raining out here"🐾🐩☔️

Rexi all dressed up with nowhere to go🐾😊he looks very distinguished with his new tie 👔🐾!!

Arthur meeting his new mommy 😁Marge 🐾🐩getting ready to go to his new home in Connecticut 🏡

Arthur settling in well in his new home 🏡 in Connecticut 🐩🐾

"This is for info, letting everyone know…yes, a miniature poodle can ride in the plane with you!"

Meet Lulu! She travels all over the country with her family going to tennis matches & tournaments🎾

Lulu in the airport…Waiting to go on a plane ride to Arizona with her family…as she rides in her carrier & also on their lap...all the way!✈️


Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
Love ❤️ Jett & Cinder -2016🎅🏻

Hamilton's Christmas picture & he wishes everyone…A very Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 & Happy New Year🎉🎊

Kobi wishing everyone a Very MERRY 🎄 CHRISTMAS 🎄 & Happy New Year🎉🎉…in "2017"
My daughter’s dogs 🐾🐩"Kobi" snuggled up in the chair & "Prada" snuggled up on the ottoman 🎄 just waiting for Santa 🎅🏻 "2016"


Demi & Cole spreading Christmas 🎄 cheer!!!!

Dante (who will be our next show hopeful) is posing with his Halloween 👻 Costume on 🎃👻 👻🎃👻🎃🎃"2016"
This is Lulu getting ready for her 1st Birthday party🎉🎂"2016"🎉🎉🎉

Pippin decided he didn't want to keep sporting his show trim anymore….so his mama got him groomed much shorter & he loves💜it!!!🐾🐩🐩
Update from Lulu's family😊🐾


Pippin is so happy to be home & chill'in on the back of his couch🐾🐩 And his mama is happy he is back home too😊🐾🐩🐩

Pippin’s first day home, after his show career & becoming a CHAMPION 🏆just relaxing….Oops…his mommy doesn't know how to put his topknot Up🐩🐾😁

"OK...now I can see" 👀 &
It's good to be home!!!

Hamilton just got his grooming!🐾🐾
Hamilton taking his afternoon

Guapo on vacation with the family…that's the good life 😊🐾🐩🐩

From Rexi's mom Kathy.....

Hi Mary! I hope you're having a good summer! We just got back from a trip to Maine - Acadia National Park. It's a beautiful place to hike and their trails are very dog-friendly! I'll send you some pictures of Rexi. He had so much fun and got so many compliments about how friendly and beautiful he is!
Rexi & Melia enjoying their visit to Acadia National Park🐾  


Lillie & Lincoln checking in to say HELLO!!!!😊🐾🐩

ATG…also known as
Alexander The Great! 🐩🐾
Enjoying a day on Long Island, NY…staying cool by the beach with his daddy🐾
Rio & Marta at it again !! Practicing for his Next time in the ring. He looks like he is learning to Fly🐾🐩😊

Pippin getting Before & After pics
For his show career - "2016"😊

Lulu - Summer 2016
Her family says she is just the perfect dog🐾🐩😊

Lulu is sporting a shorter
hair-do for the summer!!

Hamilton & his sis getting ready to play ball🎾😊

Cinder says "LIFE IS GOOD"

As she is riding on her family's
New boat🚣2016

Mac & his human sister & brother having fun in the sun
Memorial Day 🇺🇸wknd-2016

A gorgeous Happy Mother's Day Pic from Cinder & her brother Jett 💐"2016"🐾

Pippin getting his last minute touch up before he goes in the 4-6 month puppy class at PCA...the NATIONAL POODLE SPECIALTY🐾🐩

Bentley & Joy "2016"
Bentley is posing pretty with his mommy Joy...it wasn't easy to hold him still enough to get a pic🐾
But...mission accomplished!😊

Rexi posing pretty 🐾🐩

Sammy,TC's brother...says happy birthday (4 yrs) to his litter mates!!! His mommy says he loves everyone, human & K-9 & says he is good for her health😊🐾

Pippin, posing after he was groomed today...to get ready for the national specialty in 2 weeks!!!!🐾🐩😊


Ozzie still looking gorgeous at 4 1/2 yrs old:)

Ozzie gazing out the window....wonder what he is thinking ???

Mac & his human brother saying good morning ☀️

Guapo showing off his new b-day present !!

Pippin just got his bath...trying to stay in shape to get ready for the show ring Soon🐾🐩

Sophia holding Lulu after her first grooming….And I must say "she looks gorgeous"🐩🐾 Grooming by "Sarah's Studio" in Landenberg, PA🐩

NOAH...Is Gia & Beau's singleton puppy. He is now a year old, & a very happy boy!!!! 

Pippin just got his bath to get ready for tomorrow...His mommy is taking him to his first match show in PA!!
Grace & Beth

Grace & Beth with their Happy New Year hats on...visiting the nursing home patients...wishing everyone a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR - "2016"
From Grace's mom Beth...
Grace is now in two facilities a week. They love her and she loves them. What a happy, healthy girl. Happy New Year.

Grace giving one of her favorite patients a big kiss!

Grace giving one of her favorite patients a big kiss!

Pippin is already learning to stack...hopefully we will see him in the conformation ring...and for sure we will see him in obedience!!
Mac...starting to look like a snow puppy !!

Mac...starting to look like a snow puppy !!
Sophia & Lulu

Sophia & Lulu....BEST FRIENDS for sure :)

Hamilton's first night in his new home....just hanging out!

Rexi just taking a snooze after settling in his new home in Brooklyn, NY

Mac & his big sis Anna

Anna thanking me for her precious pup Mac!!🐾

Mac & his brother (human style)....hanging out together!!

Prada taking a nice hot bath after getting snow balls all over her, from playing in the snow blizzard of 2016

Melia & Rexi....enjoying the snow storm!

Lulu eating the snow &....enjoying the blizzard of 2016

Hamilton...."THINKING"....I'm not sure about this white stuff:)

Denise & Myles enjoying Christmas Day 2015
Rio & Marta
Rio & Marta

CINDER & JET on vacation with their mommy & daddy (human style)….in FLA - 2015….Looks like fun, I'd say:)
MYLES is sharing a wonderful message to all of us
MYLES is sharing a wonderful message to all of us!!!!

Denise getting ready to visit Father Joe...for the BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS 2015

MYLES & DENISE getting the blessing by Father Joe...2015
Denise is in a wheel chair now & says MYLES is her constant companion & never leaves her side:)
KOBI & PRADA....getting ready for the fall festivities!!!
Rio & Marta

Rio & Marta getting his first AKC Rally Title!!!!!! Congrats to both of them for all the hard work !!
Rio & Marta

Marta & Rio got a PERFECT SCORE OF "100"....in Rally Novice, at the Wine Country Shows on 9/24/15
A BIG CONGRATS to both of them :)
Rio & Marta

Another Perfect Score of 100...
For Rio & Marta :)
From Gia written by her new mommy :)
Dear Mom Mary,

Here are my beach pictures. I went last week to a private beach with Miss Laura and two of my newest big dog pals...I forget their names. It was windy and there was lots of foam. But the tide was high and the water too rough for me to get all wet. So I just ran along the edge and got my toes wet. It was so much fun...Click to read more
GIA checking out the water!!!

GIA checking out the water!!!
Gia & her Lab buddy

Gia & her Lab buddy deciding to get wet!! splash!!!!!
Gia running like the wind:)

Gia running like the wind:)
WOW this is FUN!!!

WOW this is FUN!!!
Here is a wonderful Mother's Day letter I received from one of my Champion Girls I just retired...It was written from Gia by her new mommy :)
Dear MOMMary,
Happy Mother's Day to You!
I thought I would tell Momma what to write to you.

I'm just fine living in Virginia. I have two parents who are really crazy about me. They feed me just what I'm supposed to have and take me for very nice walks. I get lots of hugs too. It turns out that it's pretty good to be an only child. They love everything I do!...Click to read more

GIA & ROSEMARY...at their first obedience class at the Salisbury Kennel Club, Salisbury, MD

Gia & Rosemary practicing the sit:)

Rafi's MOM...playing around with the computer & some fun programs...and this is what she came up with..."INTERESTING!!~ :)

Clover's mom has taught her obedience...taught her scent class...now she needs to teach her to read!!!  :)

Roxie Waters relaxing...wearing her favorite sweater!! CHEERS!!~
Noah's Groomer, DEE, sent this pic & note...letting me know what a good boy he is:)


JC's groomer always has fun dressing JC up after she gets done grooming:)

ROXIE WATERS...taking a stab at agility...she does nursing home work & this in her free time:) I think her mommy likes to keep her busy...maybe because a tired dog is a good dog!!:)

ATG...sending me his birthday pic...letting me know LIFE IS GOOD!!!! he was 4 yrs old June 2015:)

Sadie also saying she had a Happy Birthday JUNE 2015...:) Sadie & ATG are brothers & sisters from the same litter...Prada & Cino are their K-9 mommy & daddy, and very proud of them :)

Baker & Lucky posing for pix after they played frisbee!!~

Lucky...(6 1/2 yrs old & Baker...5 1/2 yrs old)...pooped after a long run in the park!!...still having fun together & they are BFF's for sure!!
Rio just got his first Obedience title..."BN" (Beginner Novice) title to add to the end of his name...WE ARE VERY PROUD of him & of course VERY PROUD of his mommy...Marta also informed me...RIO is going to start field work soon...let's see if he can get field titles along with his OBEDIENCE Titles :)
Marta & Rio

Marta & Rio working on some obedience
Marta & Rio

RIO coming in for a recall....looks like he really enjoys his training:)
NOAH...he is getting his first grooming since he left DiMarnique's...he got a great report card from his groomer, DEE :) and that makes me happy.:)

Noah, is a Gia & Beau baby....born in DEC 2014...he was an only child...and is now living in NJ...with both his moms...Karen & Linda:) & he is doing great!! :)
Even after 9 1/2 yrs I am still getting cute puppy pix
from my last standard poodle litter in 2005!! This is KONG…
...sharing the Manhattan sidewalks with us…as natures calls!!! LOL!
….and this is KONG laying with one of his best doggie toys:)
BROOKIE in the Blizzard
of 2015 in Boston, MA

RIO coming in...
after a romp in the snow storm of March 2015, looks like he needs some DE-ICING!!! :)
Happy 2nd Birthday....to ROXY MAHER!

Happy 2nd Birthday....to ROXY MAHER!!!!!!
which was FEB. 10, 2015 & many Happy Returns:)


LOLLY sends his Happy Birthday wishes to his sis LOLO & his brother BENTLEY... with a cute cupcake...made by his mommy Kristin:)





MIDNIGHT & LINCOLN wishing us all a Merry Christmas & a Happy and Healthy New Year for "2015"


RAFI...just enjoying the GOOD LIFE..in NJ...with his mom...CHRIS


TRIXIE leaving DiMarniques...
with her new parents...The Cates Family

TRIXIE leaving DiMarniques...with her new parents...The Cates Family


TRIXIE with her best friend & new mommy (Lana)

TRIXIE with her best friend & new mommy (Lana). This is Lana's first poodle to call her very own:)....and I think she looks quite happy...and so does Trixie.


INDIE racing around his back yard

INDIE racing around his back yard in the snow....looks kind-a-like a greyhound!!!! (maybe???) :)
ONYX...getting ready to start a new life with Pam & Kevin

ONYX...getting ready to start a new life with Pam & Kevin...soon to join his K-9 brother Blaze...who is at home waiting for him.


Blaze...finding a way to keep ONYX from catching him!!

Blaze...finding a way to keep ONYX from catching him!! it works now...but wonder what will happen in a few months??


ONYX...just looking Beautiful!

ONYX...just looking Beautiful!

ONYX snoozing with his stuffed toy.

ONYX snoozing with his stuffed toy...tired after a long day at play.


CINDER with her new mommy Gail

CINDER with her new mommy Gail, bonding with her older K-9 brother Jett...after she got to her new home.

ROXIE, All dressed up...waiting to go visit her favorite patients:)
DEMI & COLE say Happy Holidays to all 2014

DEMI & COLE say Happy Holidays to all 2014 :)

JC dressing up again...this time to say Merry X-Mas

JC dressing up again...this time to say Merry X-Mas and HO...HO...HO!!! 2014
JC dressing up to honor Veteran's Day

JC dressing up to honor Veteran's Day!!!! :)


Happy  3rd Birthday...
ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Barbara & BODE

Barbara & BODE
Barbara & BODE
Barbara & BODE working on obedience training...getting him tuned up, for competition. He isn't ready to start competing yet, however...by the looks of this video...hopefully he will be a real contender in the near future. Bode is an Anna & Beau baby from last DEC. Litter-2013...growing up fast!! AMAZING!!~

JAYCEE is trying on Halloween costumes... getting ready early...and I think she is gonna settle on Dorothy from the WIZARD OF OZ!!! LOOKING GOOD "JC" :)


MIDNIGHT & LINCOLN...posing for a picture...after their day at the grooming salon!!


INDIE romping in the yard with his stuffed animal.

INDIE romping in the yard with his stuffed animal...while his sisters r grazing in the grass:)
INDIE sharing the couch with his brother!!

INDIE sharing the couch with his brother!! How sweet!! BFF's for sure!

INDIE....using his sister's body for a grooming pillow!!
GUAPO & his mommy

GUAPO & his mommy (human style)...on the family vacation, at the lake! (August 2014)
CLOVER...doing scenting work & HAVING FUN LEARNING:)
From CLOVER'S mom...In celebration of Clover's fourth birthday, thought you'd enjoy this chance to see her in action during "Scenting Class".

CLOVER'S 3rd B-day party

CLOVER'S 3rd B-day party
CLOVER'S 3rd B-day party
CLOVER'S 3rd B-day party

From Clover's mom Abigail. . .What makes these pictures special is that they were taken at her 3rd birthday party - an event orchestrated by a neighborhood family who love her dearly. What makes their love special is that each child Clover's pictured with, was afraid of dogs. At least until Clo worked her poodle magic.

CLOVER'S 3rd B-day party

Candice visiting with her cousin Rocco
Candice and Rocco

CANDICE visiting with her cousin ROCCO in LEWIS BEACH, DE...just chill'in on the couch together!! Both ROCCO & CANDICE are "DIMARNIQUE'S POODLES"
CANDICE will be staying in Lewis Beach forever...with Marilyn & Rocco!...
ZOE & her new mommy Meghan.
ZOE growing up & just got groomed!

ZOE & her new mommy Meghan getting ready to leave DiMarniques...for a long car ride home to NC. (April 2014)

ZOE growing up & just got groomed! Her mommy adds...she is still wild & crazy...but just as adorable as ever!!!

ZOE...DAY AT THE BEACH...she just got done chasing the seagulls! I am sure they gave her a good run for her money...and hopefully tired her little body out!!
ENA & Kaylee together at home in VA Beach

KAYLEE & Ena together at home in VA Beach...(July 2014)



KAYLEE is growing up into a beautiful girl & and wonderful companion, for ENA...she is her best friend:)

LOLLY & KRISTEN...leaving my home for their drive home to Washington, DC to start their new life together.:)


LOLLY'S first day home...learning to sit for a treat!

LOLLY...His mommy Kristen is playing dress-ups with him:)


LOLLY...All grown up & looking quite Handsome!

EDI...on my couch...all groomed up & waiting for her new daddy to come get her. She was retired this May 2014 & went to live with her new parents Mike & Barbara in MD.
And...BTW...she is doing fantastic, she is loving being an only child:)


EDI & MIKE spending time together...after a good run at the park. Mike says EDI is a hit with all the neighbors & their pooches!!


taking an afternoon snooze in her comfy bed!!
Missy is an Anna & Ranger
(AM & CAN CH Cabryns Lone Ranger) puppy.

BROOKE....Brookie at the lake in MA. (She is a DORA & BEAU puppy.)


DEMI in her new home... & taking over the toys!!:)
BENTLY and Mary

BENTLEY and Mary....preparing to leave DiMarnique's...to meet the rest of his new family, human & K-9 in Princeton, NJ.


BENTLEY posing for his picture...after his mommy groomed him:)
Bentley all groomed pretty
"Three Napping Babies"

BENTLEY All groomed pretty & a blue bow added...for a touch of class!!!!! Bentley is a EDI & CINO puppy!
"Three Napping Babies"
 Bentley (the black poodle)...taking an afternoon snooze...with his Feline & K-9 buddies...My how comfy they look!! :)
DEMI (aka Can. CH DiMarniques Demitasse)
DEMI (aka Can. CH DiMarniques Demitasse) leaves DiMarnique's today, to share her life with DEBBIE & CHET & her K-9 half brother Cole, of Toms River, NJ.
She will be deeply missed, but I know she will have a wonderful life with her new family...to spoil her to death as they do with COLE :) Now she only has to share her toys with 1 doggie!! ~ 6/23/14

John and MOLLY....
and the spoiling begins!!


& her new MOM & DAD

RIO and Marta....Looking to start a brand new life together...and hopefully obedience & rally~soon to come!!


Here is RIO & his K-9 brothers staying warm by the fire…Rio the POODLE…Barley the Border Terrier & O'Keeffe is a rare breed…& also Rio's best friend…he is a KOOIKERHONDJE!!!!! Bettcha not many know what that is!!:)…other then Rio's best friend!!



COLE....racing around the yard....while his daddy digs out of this snow storm!!


3-17-14 - Cole & his daddy...getting ready to go play after the work is done!

playing peek-a-boo...in the flowers!

GRACE with her new Bestie...STORM

GRACE with her new Bestie...STORM, a 4 month old mastiff mix...weighing in at over 50 lbs...as u can see...she is quite fond of him & HIM of HER:)


GRACE going home with Beth...
her new mommy :)


GRACE sitting on Evie's lap...Watching her Great Grandmother & Great Grandfather's 69th wedding recommittment at the retirement home!

"AMAZING GRACE" - Little Grace...is starting her nursing home duties very early...but is bringing smiles & comfort to lots of people in the nursing/retirement home. This is her story...
OUTSTANDING!!! A woman who is in end stage bell's palsy who is often unresponsive, catatonic and stiff, when Grace started licking her clenched fist, and I saw her eyes flicker and thought I heard a giggle. I said "Paula, can you feel that?  It is Grace, my puppy licking your hand" and a strangled but clearly audible "yah" escaped. Grace cozied up on her legs, and I know she brought comfort.

(This was sent to me by Grace's new mommy & we are thrilled at the joy she is bringing to many!!~and just wanted everyone to read how wonderful the bonds between K-9's & humans are!!~ :)


GRACE...doing her nursing home duties, bringing smiles & hugs...from all that she visits. WHAT A GIFT to give to all......from her mommy Beth. Thank-You BETH & GRACE, for a job well done:)

was retired this summer (2013), spayed & placed with Patrick who was looking for a new FURRY...LIFE...LONG companion...to help fill the void from the loss of his standard poodle.

When he takes her on their daily walks everyone...loves her!!

& he also states
"she is quite a chick magnet!!":) !!!!!

THIS is...."BODE's SELFIE"!!! going to live with Barbara & JON in VA BEACH...and hopefully we will see him soon...in the Obedience Ring!!

Tina Nash

Murphy & Peggy enjoying Christmas together! (2013)

Demi's puppy, Murphy, & Peggy enjoying Christmas together! (2013)

Murphy with his K-9 friends

Murphy with his K-9 friends (the Poodle, the Papillon & the Golden Retriever)...in the snowy winter of 2013/2014. Never a dull moment!!!!

The last of DEMI's puppies...to leave "2013" joining the Williamson Family!

MYKO all grown up & "LIVING THE GOOD LIFE" with the Williamson Family :) He will be 1 yr old on Sept 22, 2014.



This is...CEZANNE...
(Cezanne is a Demi x Gianni puppy) first day in his new home with his new get-up on!!:)



CEZANNE...growing up!



Wolfgang all grown up...and hiding his bones from the CAT!!

Wolfgang and his best friend Luna, BEST FRIENDS...can be bow-wows & kittie kats!!
  Seasons Greetings from Wolfie (2013)
JOLEE, TC's sister. . .

WILLIE...(Roxy's littermate) just loves & enjoys the outside!

Roxie and Kramer

ROXIE (mini) & KRAMER (standard), these are 2 of Dimarnique's Poodles. Kramer was from my last standard poodle litter 10-3-2005 and Roxie who was born Oct.8, 2011...getting their grooming together!! BFF's forever!!~



ROXIE WATERS...is all dressed up in her Halloween Costume...getting ready to visit the nursing homes...to bring smiles & joy to all that is there:)
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