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Health Issues

All breeds of purebred dogs have their share of health problems…and the poodle is no different.

We as breeders, try to strive to better the breed. We have basic health tests to help us, however, unfortunately, unless we can find DNA markers for everything, there is no guarantee that puppies can’t come up with problems, even when their parents have their clearances, we do the best that we can..

I was once told by an icon in poodles…….If you breed long enough or have enough litters you will come up with everything. I believe that to be a true statement. …Because after all, there are NO PERFECT DOGS OUT THERE!!!!!!

If you decide a poodle is right for you, Then you will have to contend with the fact that it could come up with one of those health issues in the breed!!

Having said that, there are many…many….healthy, happy poodles out there, along with their happy owners!!!!!


I believe the healthiest happiest dog you could have, would and should be on a raw diet!!!

I wean my puppies 🐾on raw & here are a few of the raw foods I can get in the pet stores to make feeding raw as easy as feeding kibble...however much better for them then processed kibble.

Foods I Recommend:

1 - (frozen) Answers Detailed - chicken, beef, Turkey

2 - Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw patties…chicken, & beef

3 - Instinct Frozen Raw Bites - chicken, & beef

Raw - I use green tripe and performance dog from…Bravos Natural Rearing food in Carneys Point, NJ.

I buy chicken necks, ground chicken backs, beef and chicken hearts, livers, chicken gizzards etc..

I also use the food processor…and blend up raw veggies…ie…squash, collard greens, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin…etc.

I give cottage cheese, plain yogurt, raw egg yolk & crushed up shell

I use fish oil, flax seed oil

Solid Gold sea meal

N.R. Seaweed mineral food- from Marina Zacharias- www.naturalrearing.com

I do advise you to do research on the raw diet

B.A.R.F. Diet – bones and raw food

And learn all that you can!!!



I use a very conservative approach to vaccines.

I follow DR. Jean Dodds protocol!

I do not start my puppy vaccines until they are 8-9 weeks old. My vet does DPv and a full health check at that time. Puppies cannot go to their new homes until at least 9 weeks of age. I like to make sure there are no vaccines reactions.

I never use leptospirosis or corona vaccines, many dogs can have very bad reactions to those vaccines in particular, and can have long lasting side effects, ie….seizure disorders, severe food allergies…etc.

Do not automatically give yearly vaccines to your dog. You can do a titer to see if he is still protected.



I start at 3 weeks of age and do every 2 weeks until 8-9weeks old then, when your new pup goes to vet you can take a stool sample in.


  • Eyes-optigen and CERF
  • Hips-x-rayed
  • Patellas - x-rayed and checked by the vet
  • I do blood work on my girls before I breed them to make sure they are healthy

My breeding objectives are to breed poodles that fit the AKC standard, produce stable temperaments, and healthy, long lived poodles that can excel in conformation, and performance, as well as, being a happy wonderful addition to your home!!!


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